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Our Green Recycling Way:
Print and design in York
Design for print in York
Printing in York
York printers
Print in York
Graphics in York
Brand design in York
Supplied print in York
Graphic design York
Logo design York
Corporate identity in York
Custom graphics York

We try not to print emails

Recycled paper in our printers

PDF proofs for our clients 

where applicable


We only turn on our hardware
when it's needed

Can graphic designers be creative catalyst convertors? Yes! By choosing FSC papers, non hazardous inks and recycling!
...and by trying to be green means environmentally friendly!”

Greens our colour...

We recycle our ink cartridges


Use water based ink cartridges


Energy efficient lighting


Our coffee & tea is Fair Trade


Even our Big Smile Design 
Creative logo is green!

Recycle all paper we use

We try to use FSC accredited
litho printers


All our employees that work
for Big Smile Design are environmentally aware

York Graphic deisgners
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