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If you want to know anything, just ask!”
We get asked all kinds of questions before starting a project, have a look at the list below, and feel free to ask anything that you can't see there.
York Graphic design

ask us questions...

When and how did you get started in the industry?

We studied at Leeds Poly and York Art College, then spent 9 years in London working for the Daily Mirror and several creative agencies. Came back up to York and Harrogate working in various advertising and print companies.

Can you provide a print-ready file for the printer?

With the availability of software on the internet everyone claims they're a seasoned graphic artist simply because they have the tools available - it doesn't mean that they understand the business of print design. Your files have to arrive at the printer in a certain format. You need to understand trapping, bleed, cut lines, fold lines, CMYK vs RGB color, vector images vs. raster images, etc. If your designer doesn't understand what it takes for your printer to actually get the job done it could cost you more money and time to have the project fixed correctly. Bottom Line: Try to find a designer who has experience working in a pre-press setting and can guarantee that your job goes to the press correctly the first time.

How many revisions do I get to my work?

Some designers have very small initial project fees and high hourly rates. For e.g. Jimmy could offer £200 brochures and £55 an hour thereafter. If Jimmy only allows for 1 revision before he charges you hourly you could end up paying a lot of money. Make sure you're clear on how many revisions you get and always try to nail down a FLAT RATE for your project. Bottom line: always look for a designer that charges a flat rate for print advertising prices.

How many concepts and revisions are allowed?

Most designers use the word "concepts" to refer to original ideas and "revisions" as changes to concepts. For a log project, for example, a price might include two or three concepts and two or three revision rounds on one concept. Professional graphic designers will almost never offer unlimited revisions at a set price. If you want unlimited revisions, make sure you reach an agreement with the designer about what these will cost.

When can you get this done by?

If you have a limited time frame, let the designer know this right away. His schedule might not allow for your project to be completed within your time frame. It's best to go over these issues right away to avoid wasting anyone's time.

What happens if I don’t like what you design for me?

Professional design firms have processes in place to ensure they receive the information they need in order to design effectively to reach your business goals.

I'd like you to design something for me, what’s the procedure?

Simply contact us for an initial discussion and we’ll take it from there. Once I’ve developed an overview of your requirements, we’ll agree costs with you and then begin work on the design. I will email you a PDF of the first draft, then make any amendments you require and keep doing this until you are happy with the designs.

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